so I went over to Joel, Jay, Jordan, and David’s house earlier tonight to get my camera (Joel borrowed it). Upon entering, I found David Barber standing on the counter cleaning off the top of the cabinets, wiping it down and occasionally throwing off random shreds of plastic. He told me he had looked up a process for how to make homemade ginger ale on the internet, and that he had tried to do so. He “thought the two-liter bottle would handle the pressure, but……apparently not.”
Dude. The bottle didn’t just bust open…it [b]exploded![/b] It was pretty funny. I’m pretty glad it was ginger ale rather than meth.


One thought on “257

  1. A simpler way that I coincidentally heard of today from my roommate Scott:

    Buy Diet Coke.
    Buy Sprite.
    Add a little bit of Diet Coke to the Sprite.
    Throw away the rest of the Diet Coke because Diet Coke sucks.
    What you have left should pretty much taste like Ginger Ale.

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