wake up, DC

While DC comics has been taking the past several years to try to cast a big name for the upcoming (though desperately struggling) Superman film, the guy who made Batman: Dead End (Sandy Collora) has found the perfect man for the role and started working on another fan film: World’s Finest. He’s also using the same Batman (Clark Bartram), who fits the mold for his role, too. If you don’t believe me, take another look at Batman: Dead End. Now….rumor has it that Jim Caviezel has been officially cast for Superman. In fact, comic artist Mark Millar is so confident of this that he said if JC is not in front of the camera when filming starts, he’ll write a personal check to charity for $1000. That was probably a dumb move, cuz the newest rumors are that the guy in the World’s Finest fan film, Mike O’Hearn, has auditioned with Warner Bros. Jim Caviezel has a look that would work for Superman (google him)…..but it would be just ok and not great. O’Hearn has the perfect look, and it appears that his acting is suitable as well (hard to tell cuz it’s just a trailer). But as far as looks go, Mike O’Hearn IS Superman. Check out the trailer:

At the end, it says “Summer 2005”. I don’t know if this is just a mock trailer, or if there’s going to be an actual longer fan film, but it appears that way.


One thought on “wake up, DC

  1. I’m pretty sure I remember it being just a mock trailer. The O’Hearn guy definitely fits the Superman look. The Batman guy I’m not as sure of. The acting in the trailer was sort of weak in my opinion. (“What have you unleashed, Luthor?!” didn’t sound so great.) Then again, it was just a trailer.

    Other than that, maybe by the time they actually do do another Superman movie, Christopher Reeves will again be available. (Which, assuming the worked the script and time/setting out, would be awesome.)

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