wow finally

Yeah I finally picked up a CAT5 so i have internet access. This eMac rocks my face off! Anyway, everything is going well, though I log late hours EVERY night. It’s the only time I get to edit. I try to capture footage every so often throughout the day when I have time, but editing all takes place after 12. I’m having a blast, though. My team is freaking awesome and we’ve had some wild kids — especially last week. They were SO LOUD! It rocked. I’m now teaching a track time called CMV (Christian Music Video) where the kids design and “act” in a video. I of course film/direct and edit it. I like that a LOT better than teaching self-defense, which Anna is doing now. We had to shift around a little bit this week, as 4 of our teammates are doing a special fuge project in New Mexico. We’re keeping CMV, though, which makes me happy. Those kids in self-defense thought it was an hour of free sparring time. Anyway….I’m teaching myself some tricks and stuff with Final Cut…havin a good time. I get to talk w/ Kimmie fairly often, but not as much as I’d like. I will have my iChat (AIM) up now, though, so I hope y’all are up until 4 lol. Hey I saw Dodgeball the other night. It was so-so overall, but HILARIOUS at certain parts.

Spider-Man. 2. Wednesday.
(unfortunately I’ll have to wait for the weekend)

Alright folks I’m goin to sleep. I don’t have any video projects left tonight so I’m thankfully turning in early!


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