I think too much

Ponder this:
Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Selina Kyle, Barbara Gordon, Dinah Lance, Peter Parker, Felicia Hardy, Logan (Wolverine), Alex O’Hirn (Rhino), Doc Octavius, Adrian Toomes (Vulture I), Basil Elks (Basilisk), etc…


2 thoughts on “I think too much

  1. Now I have everyone curious. Izzo is telling his friends, Bucky is pondering comic book charecters, a guy at work has become obsessed with them. lol

  2. I’m pretty sure about Catwoman. Remember Batman Returns? She even licked herself (and other people). Even though they basically created a new character and named her the same thing (her alias anyway — her real name in this one is Patience Price), I think Halle Berry’s might be even more cat-like than Pfeiffer’s. Check out some of the trailers and some concept animatics: http://www.bet.com/articles/0,1048,p539gb9491-10442,00.html

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