parents, children, and lies

You know that commercial for Kay jewelers (or something similar)where that little girl tells her dad she wants to buy something for her mom and she holds up a jar of change and asks, “this is enough, right?”
Well, he tells her, “that’s more than enough, sweetheart”.
First of all, that’s bull. Secondly, if that was more than enough, I hope the jerk gave her change back.
Later on in the commercial, he lets her slip further into deception by not saying anything when the little girl tells her mom, “I got it all by myself!”


2 thoughts on “parents, children, and lies

  1. I have not se-en that particular commercial. However they do run a different version of it that I have seen. Now that I’ve seen both I realize he just took the money from his daughter just for the heck of it. The way he actually paid for the diamond was renting his son out hourly to Michael Jackson.

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