dibs on the patent

After seeing “Envy” the other day, I’m an an inventing mood. Imagine this…
A candy company comes out with the “Ackbar” (think Star Wars), a chocolate bar with suprises inside, in the spirit of “It’s a trap!”. It would, of course, have Admiral Ackbar’s picture on the wrapper. There would be several different variations released at a time, but all with the exact same appearance. A few different ways to go with this…
-most of the candy bars are fairly similar (or the same), but a minority of them will have something bitter, sour, or hot in the middle. It’s a trap!, but you get a prize voucher if you end up with one of these.
-A minority of them will have something surprising in them, like pop-rocks or something that fizzes and foams like mad.
-The market-rigging route. Some of the candy bars have a non-toxic quick-setting glue-like substance in the middle. Naturally, there is also an Ackbar anti-glue solution that you can buy. In each antidote package, there is a chance to win a really awesome prize that would make your unfortunate situation worthwhile.
You might think that people would think this was too stupid, and wouldn’t buy into a potential trap if they knew what might happen to them (even if they get a prize). However, think about how many people buy SUV’s, HP computers (Gateway too), Firestone tires, etc.
Just a crazy idea, but it sounds fun to me.


2 thoughts on “dibs on the patent

  1. That’s a great idea! You should come out with those. At the very least, you’d get several thousand orders from Farkers. (If you don’t visit fark.com enough to know, Admiral Ackbar is a cliche that pops up in every photoshop contest they have.)

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