tuesday night

Tuesday night was !HERO at the Ryman. It rocked Nashville’s face off. It’s a lot better in an auditorium with a crowd than on the rehearsal stage. The crowd’s reactions are a big part of what made it exciting. Everybody loved it (including me, of course)! It’s not uncommon these days for a performance to get a standing ovation; it’s becoming sort of the normal protocol and the polite thing to do. But Tuesday night, it was for real. There were people jumping, crying, shouting, and laughing for joy. White people, too. You’d think “it’s just a fun rock opera”, but take it from me: it’s powerful! That’s not to say it ISN’T fun — it is! It freaking rocks! During the DOVE awards last night, whenever a nomination for !HERO was mentioned, the crowd exploded. Anyway, Philip hooked me up with 2 extra tickets so I could invite the ‘rents. They loved it. I saw TobyMac there, and a few people from Tech, too.
So anyway, after the show, I went down to meet up with some of the folks and head over to B.B.King’s with them. A few of them said they were instead going to Rocketown for the Flicker Records showcase. That sounded like a good idea, but I stuck with the original plan, since I’d told some people I’d meet them over there. Of course, I ended up waiting around for a little while as some of the cast met fans and packed up and whatnot. I talked to Kimmie for awhile on the phone, and then she went to sleep. I got bored, so I just walked on down to the club and met Paul [Wright] outside. I didn’t know he had left the Ryman yet. Anyway, the place was apparently packed to capacity, and they weren’t letting anybody in besides those performing and their managers/crew or whatever. Paul showed his GMA Week Artist badge to the guy at the door, who was like, “Ok…are you performing tonight? Sorry”. It was pretty funny. The “I’m with him” thing wouldn’t work, either, as Michael wasn’t even there yet. He did arrive a few minutes later, though, walking from the Ryman (just a couple blocks away). He did a quick interview outside B.B. King’s , and then met a few fans before being rushed inside. We decided there wasn’t a way to get in, and that it wouldn’t be worth it anyway. It was reportedly shoulder-to-shoulder in there. I wasn’t too disappointed. Michael was just going to sing by himself, anyway — not the Tait band (who had gone back to the hotel to sleep). However, I would have liked to have seen Toby perform again, since the last time I saw him do his solo stuff was at the dcTalk: Solo tour a couple years ago. Oh well, what can you do…….
I decided to head over to Rocketown to check out what was left of the Flicker show. I arrived and met up with Mark, T-Bone, and some of the breakdancers in the coffee shop. Sat and talked for about half an hour, until Mark decided it was time for bed. The others agreed, so they bid me farewell and headed on their way. I went downstairs to find Michael Q and hear Subseven, who was about to take the stage. Subseven rocks. Pillar was there, too. Decided after a while that it would be dumb to stay much longer, as I had work the next day. I don’t really remember what time I got home, but I was out like the fat kid in dodgeball.


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