Last night was the Dove Awards. We [my dad and I] got there a little before 5:30, and the pre-show ceremony actually started on time! It started on time even though there were still people coming in and filling up their seats. They got started right away presenting awards. Several times, the artists who won hadn’t come in yet. The people at the auditorium really should have opened the doors a lot earlier. Anyway, there were like 30-something awards presented during pre-show. I didn’t know they did that many before the televised part. That’s probably because most of these were awards for traditional gospel, blugrass, and the like. Nobody cares about those people….?Perhaps they just figure that those who listen to that kind of music don’t watch TV. Nevertheless, some “bigger” awards were presented during pre-show, like *insert genre here* Album of the year, Special Event of the year, Best *insert genre here* Recorded Song of the year, etc. Best Rock Album– Tait. All the way, baby. !HERO got a couple awards during the segment, too. After the pre-show stuff, there was a break until 8:00, when the “actual” show started. During the intermission, I went out to see if I could find Justin and congratulate him. On the way, I saw Toby standing over in a corner enjoying a funnel cake. I went over to say hi, and asked if he brought Truett, Moses, or Marlee along. He said that they were at home, but Amanda came with him (she was in the restroom at the time). I feel bad now; I probably should have left him alone, cuz I think my talking to him drew attention. Some fanboy and his mom walked up and the kid started drilling the poor guy. He was fat. You’d think he’d understand that Toby was trying to enjoy some junk food, but apparently not. Oh well. Fat kids.
Anyway, I continued looking for Justin and didn’t find him, but I ran into Michael. I had to sort of wait in line to talk to him, because there were a bunch of people wanting pictures or his autograph. Didn’t take very long, though. So I congratulated him and asked him to pass it on to the rest of the guys. I decided I’d had enough of the crowded hallway, so I headed back to my seat. I was hoping to find the rest of the guys from MercyMe that I hadn’t talked to earlier in the week, but I never did. I did meet Relient K, and told them that we had used their songs in some videos…and they were pissed! Just kidding. I didn’t really talk to them, just met them. When I got back to my seat, my dad was there already. He mentioned that he had walked out on the floor where all the nominees’ seats were. I didn’t know I could have done that (I assumed one would need an artist pass). Oh well. I’ll pin that one on the fat kid, too. Well the televised portion started off with an act from !HERO performed on the awards stage.That was awesome. The rest of the show was fun, too. There were a ton of performances, some of which were pretty cool, like Pillar. Unfortunately, they did their slow, lighter EP version of “Further” rather than the good, hard original. But it was still good. MercyMe won Artist of the year, Group of the year, and some other award. There was a segment where Bono (live via satellite) spoke about D.A.T.A. [], which I thought was cool, since E.R.A.C.E. is associated with them, and Bono is a big hero for a lot of the artists there. Smokey Robinson sang a song, which wasn’t very jammin’ but it was still nifty cause he’s a legend. If you’re still reading this….wow. I’m mostly writing this so I can remember it sometime, but props to you if you’re still with me. The Dove Awards don’t air on TV until May 28 for some reason, but it was simulcast to Regal Cinema locations across the country. During what will be commercial breaks on TV, Rebecca St. James hosted a backstage interview show, interviewing a few artists each break (they showed the feed on the stage screens). That was fun. The Newsboys gave the finale, leading the audience in “He Reigns”. Other highlights: Mark Stuart and T-Bone are goofballs. They probably made history as the first people to present a “Dove Awizzle”. They, along with Toby, have about as much fashion sense as I do. T-Bone just wore some jeans and a jersey, Mark wore some slacks w/ a wallet chain, a skeleton t-shirt, and a suit jacket (after the “Raised in Harlem” opening, he kept on his flag shirt), and Toby……yeah. You’ll just have to see it. He probably dressed like that to ward off fat kids, but I guess it didn’t work. Upon leaving, my dad wanted to stick around and take some pictures. Still tired of the people-traffic, I stood back near the windows. Well, Michael walked over to where I was on his way out and I met his girlfriend and the Tait band’s first Dove Award, so I thought that was nice. After the crowd thinned, my dad and I walked down the hall a little ways and then left. Finally got home at 11-something. I was planning on going out to see the horses, but I fell asleep. GMA week has been pretty cool. I don’t know if I’ll stay home tonight or not, but I’m thinking about it. I’m pretty tired, and I haven’t logged many XBOX hours in awhile.


One thought on “Doves

  1. Man! you ramble on and on and on and…. just kidding baby! i love you and i read the whole thing!

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