By popular demand, here’s the story

(as i told it to a friend–edited out friend’s comments so it’s an easier read)

BoDuke284: the squirrels got in our house
BoDuke284: IN our house
BoDuke284: like they were nesting in the wall
BoDuke284: we thought they were stuck
BoDuke284: well heck we thought there was ONE
BoDuke284: so we closed the door to the room, opened a window, cut a hole in the wall
BoDuke284: we (mom, me, dad)
BoDuke284: had brooms
BoDuke284: and a trash can
BoDuke284: first one comes out
BoDuke284: my dad chases him into the trash can
BoDuke284: throws him out the window
BoDuke284: (we have a tarp tied from the house to some trees across the driveway
BoDuke284: like a redneck carport
BoDuke284: so he landed on that like a trampoline
BoDuke284: we think it’s over
BoDuke284: dad sees another one in there
BoDuke284: we come back in the room
BoDuke284: he sticks a pole in there
BoDuke284: she jumps out
BoDuke284: family squirrel hockey night ensues
BoDuke284: so we chase her around with brooms
BoDuke284: trying to get her to realize the open window
BoDuke284: dad finally catches her
BoDuke284: and throws her out too
BoDuke284: it was honestly kinda fun
BoDuke284: the next day
BoDuke284: my mom sees one trying to get back in (we screened up the whole through which they first came in). so she decides it’s time to eradicate them


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