Superman is dead….

…as far as I’m concerned, anyway. You’ve seen me rant about DC Comics before, but now they’ve really done it. They’ve gone off the edge. I’m royally pissed. They’ll probably declare it an Elseworlds story, but it’ll still taint the name of Superman forever. What I’m referring to is a soon-to-print comic arc entitled “Louis & Clark”, in which — you guessed it…they will try to explain that Kal-El is and always has been gay (well, bisexual — cuz he’s always liked women and he’s married to lois — but still)
I’ve alluded to the idea in previous entries; the only real way for me to avoid being upset by crap like this is to quit reading comics. Besides, it’s a good way to save money. Now, I’ve never been real big on boycotting stuff, especially stuff I like, such as comics. And though the Gotham universe has been left pretty much well alone, my protest is against DC comics, so I might have to let Batman go, too. Though I’m still excited about Batman Begins…..I don’t know man. It’s a hard decision and I’ll have to think about it. But yeah, I think I’m finally going to sell all my comics– well the current ones, anyway. The death and revival comics may be too valuable to let go of. But all the others, I’m gonna have to say goodbye to. I’ll probably get a pretty good wad of cash from it, though. Unfortunately, I have to get rid of my t-shirt collection, too–I will NOT wear a gay icon, even IF it is the Superman Shield, which has become somewhat of a trademark of mine. As for all the other stuff, I don’t know. Some of it is too cool to get rid of, and I still like Superman for what he has always been until now. I’ll keep it all in a closet or something. Sadly, I don’t think I can display the emblem on my car anymore. So…if you know anyone who’s NOT a “homophobe” or whatever you want to call me [and so be it — it’s a sin and I stand up for what I believe in], and wants to buy some comics/other superman stuff, let me know. Actually I might just give or throw away a lot of it, not sure yet. By selling it I feel like I’m endorsing it. Hard choices. I just wish DC comics would leave some things alone…


5 thoughts on “Superman is dead….

  1. April fools( i keep forgetting) sadly thought cuz i was like yay more money for me !!! (j/k) i knew you liked superman too much!! i love you baby

  2. wow man, don’t you think this is a little over reaction? think how much you’ve invested into superman stuff.

    and really, that emblem makes your car..

    superman is as synonymous with bucky as star wars..


    nevermind, im fooled. good job.

  3. Yeah got me pretty good. I thought it was weird the link didn’t work. And the putting stuff in the closet thing was good.

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