we finally have pictures of the new batmobile, “the tumbler”! BTW at the top of the page is the “batman begins” logo


3 thoughts on “finally

  1. I agree…that thing sucks so very much. Maybe they were trying to give it a more practical spin? Then again, it’s not like Batman offroads much….

    They should just make it not suck. Like, I never did like the one from Batman and Robin. “It only seats one? What the crap?!” is what I thought. Of course, I didn’t like anything about Batman and Robin. All I hope is that the next Batman movie is appropriately dark.

    Batman 1 and 2 == Dark. Batman 1 and 2 == good.
    Batman 3 == …
    Batman 4 == No. This is not a Batman movie. George Clooney is not Batman.

  2. Yeah this batmobile sucks in appearance. It looks like something from that british show on TechTV where people fight their RC robots. However, it’s supposed to do all sorts of wicked-cool stuff–even hover or fly. And yes, one of the aims of Batman Begins is to make the existence of Batman more realistic and possible (he is, after all, one of the few “superheros” who is not meta’)
    Batman IS supposed to be dark. That’s why we have things called reboots after the freaking Silver Age. Adam West can go to……well… he should apologize for what he did to Batman in the 70s. Michael Keaton IS Batman. I only hope Christian Bale can come close.

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