I have seen the promised land (for a fanboy)

I had a nice suprise today [read for story]…..
so Phillip (!HERO manager guy) emailed me to come pick up some new fliers and stuff down at the True Artists Management office in Franklin (burb of Nashville). Thus, after work, I headed down there, praying over the validity of my Mapquest printout. It was accurate. So when I pulled up to the place, I was like “ok…it’s a house….interesting”
As I stepped through the front door, I knew that all my childhood dreams and aspirations were finally coming true; that I had found my Mecca…just kidding, it wasn’t that serious. But I did realize from the art/records on the walls that this was the dcTalk management office. It was awesome. The walls were filled with big copies of album art from many years of dcTalk, there were also gold and platinum albums hanging up, and there were tons of Dove awards and the like sitting around. Several of them were tarnished…I guess that with that many of them you really just don’t think about keeping them polished. There was all kinds of other stuff around, too. Of course, I had to maintain my composure, as I didn’t want Phillip to think I’m a weirdo or obsessed fan. But anyway, we just kinda hung out there for a little while, talking about !HERO stuff, GMA week, the dcTalk guys, etc.
After a while, I left to go around and drop a few promos here and there on my back home. Then I ate dinner and left to go to a show at Rocketown with Cool Hand Luke, mewithoutyou, andOliver’s Army. I put a bunch fliers on the front desk, and when I left, they were pretty much gone. I think we’re on a good track to a sold-out show.
P.S. Kimmie is wicked-awesome


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