!HERO Street Team

As some may know, I met Michael Tait last year at WayFest and learned about !HERO: The Rock Opera. I was excited about it until the release of the album and the comics. Yes; then I was merely excited. Since then, I’ve been a fanboy. Well the 2nd tour is coming up (first one skipped over Nashville for some reason–still haven’t figured that one out) in April, and once again, I’ve climbed to a higher niche of fandom. That’s right…I am now a Nashville !HERO promo guy. Have I ever mentioned that living in Nashville rocks? Happening music scene, lots of resident artists, connections, hook-ups…..it’s awesome. Anyway, yeah the main guy for Nashville !HERO Street Teams came by my office yesterday and dropped off my box of stuff. T-shirts, hats, tons of stickers, info booklets, photo-journal-type-things of the first tour, promo DVDs, comics, sampler CDs with songs from the rock opera, autographed stuff, posters, etc. I’m gonna be busy for awhile. I have a list of churches and what-not with big youth groups, and I think I’ll give a bunch of stuff to them…I’m thinkin that they can give t-shirts, hats, and autographed stuff away as prizes and such. I’ll also hit up skateparks and venues to put up some posters, give away stickers, info booklets, dvds, samplers and the like. Oh, and of course I’m going to the show. Now, I’m rambling, so I’ll stop.



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