Don’t know why I’m doing another one of these…guess I’m bored

[Who did you get these stupid questions from?:] Kat Miller

[Name?] Bucky Elliott [ok, ok….Christopher James]

[Location?:] Nashville

[Where were you born?:]Heidelberg, Deutschland

[Have you ever failed a grade?:] nope

[Do you have a crush on someone?:] her name’s Kimmie-Jane

[Do you have a bf/gf?:] see above

[What are you wearing right now?] playin nakie — just kidding; jeans and Kon-El [clone superboy] shirt

[Have you ever had a crush on any of your teachers?] now that’s just sick

[Do you smoke?:] now that’s just sick
[Do you drink?:] not since that rum in like third grade

[Who do you talk to most on the phone?:] that would be Kim

[Have you ever been slapped?:] Haha yeah. But I asked for it…no; I literally did. It’s on video!

[Do you get online a lot?:] Yeah I try. My cable kinda sucks.

[Are you shy or outgoing?:] well I’m outgoing usually. Sometimes I’m “that quiet guy” when I feel out of place, though. Of course those who know me best know I rarely feel that way lol.

[Do you hate school?:] Not school itself. College is cool. I do have classes I enjoy a lot less than others, though. And some projects are a little on the crappy side.

[How easily do you trust people?:] I extend the trust back to someone who I can tell gives it to me, but I’m pretty discerning still.

[Do you have a secret people would be surprised knowing?] It’s not really that hard to figure out, really. If they’d just look beyond my glasses….good grief. And that I’m always gone when HE shows up…..

[Would you ever sky dive?:] yeah buddy! It’s expensive though, so I haven’t been yet.

[Have you ever been suspended from school?:] no

[Do you want to get out of your hometown?:] Maybe if I had one. I was kinda glad to leave DC, but I miss the people. Cookeville’s okay unless you’re bored, and Nashville freakin rocks!

[What’s your favorite drink?:] A simple screwdriver or some jack&coke on the rocks–just kidding. I like cream soda [jones, if I can get it, but IBC’s good too] and black cherry soda. A lot of times, though, it’s hard to beat a good ol’ MD.

[Do you like Snapple?:] I like their Elementals

[Do you drink a lot of water?:] In the summer I do

[What toothpaste do you use?:] crest

[Do you have a cell phone or pager?:] Cell phone

[Do you have a curfew?:] uh…that’s a negatory

[What name brand do you wear the most?:] haha! well I guess that would be Warner Bros. DC Comics for shirts. And as for pants, I just wear whatever I like (it’s gotta have cargos for my gadgets and stuff)

[What kind of jewelry do you wear?:] I don’t prefer to call it jewelry, but I usually wear stuff like plastic/rubber bracelets, sports bands, studded stuff etc. [not all at one time], on my wrists, and I usually wear my pewter celtic cross on a chain as a necklace

[What do you have pierced?:] nothin

[What do you want pierced?:] nothing

[Do you like getting your picture taken?] don’t mind one way or another

[Do you have a tan?:] that’s a big negative, houston

[Do you get annoyed easily?:] depends on the annoyance

[Do you get along with your parents?:] yeah

[Have you ever run away?:] I tried when I was little, got about to the end of the block and remembered I wasn’t allowed to cross the street. So I went back home.

[Do you daydream a lot?:] That’s an understatement

[What is your heritage?:] Scotts-Irish

[Could you ever be a vegetarian?:] hades no

[Would you ever date someone younger than you?:] Kimmy.

[Would you ever date someone older than you?:] Don’t need to. I’m set.

[Do you look more like your mother or father?:] Well, now that I think about it, I look suspiciously…..Kryptonian?

[Do you cry a lot?:] no

[Have you ever been chased by cops?:] I believe it’s called the “Fifth Amendment”

[When was the last time you threw up?:] CHRISTMAS TIME!

[What do the shoes you last wore look like?:] They’re freakin crazy, man! Tabi Nikes! And they’re bright red!

[What theme does your room have?:] theme? theme? Haha…to answer honestly, I’d probably have to say “geek”

[Has there ever been a rumor spread about you?:] yeah

[What is one of your bad qualities?:] when I get pissed, my heat vision is hard to control.

[What is one of your good qualities?:] Well you know. I like to fight for truth, justice, and the American way….that sort of thing. No, but seriously, people say I am trustworthy, selfless, and friendly.

[Would you marry for money?:] no

[When was the last time you cried in school?:] It was either when or before I got dropped by that soccer ball in 7th grade–don’t remember if I cried then or not, but it sounds logical that I might have.

you wish you could live somewhere else = well I wish Kim lived here
others find you attractive = seems that way

you want more piercings = don’t have any so no

you like cleaning = heck no

you like roller coasters = yeah dude


long distance relationships = Well I’m in one that’s going well, but I wish it wasn’t long distance
using someone = way against
killing people = against murder
teenage smoking = I’m against any smoking
driving drunk = way against
soap operas = Hate ’em


slept in your bed = Dixie–she’s there right now, actually [my cat haha]…..but at school who knows? Someone else coulda moved into that dorm…
saw you cry = don’t know. Haven’t done so in a while. Almost did when Gandalf fell when I watched LOTR again the other day…even though I’ve watched it many times and I know he comes back…go figure. Must be the music. Go Howard Shore
made you cry = John Williams and HIS blasted music when Anakin died in Return of The Jedi (j/k)
you went to the movies with = my ‘rents when I saw The Passion
yelled at you = don’t know


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