See Spot Rock

Went to the show last night; it rocked. They had some problems with the sound for a while, but they got it straightened out. Big Dismal suprised me; I hadn’t really heard them, and I expected some local band w/ a bunch of high school kids or something. But they were pretty decent. GRITS was there– they were fun, but seemed a little half-hearted about the whole thing. Pillar rocked. Skillet jammed it out, too. I was friggin tired by the time 12 stones came out, but it was still enjoyable. Lots of people were there — went with joel, and saw rezny, darrin, and some people they were with. Between bands, I walked around and ended up meeting a bunch of people (the lead from pillar liked my tabi Nikes — finally another ninja fan besides me?). Some other people from !HERO the Rock Opera were there besides GRITS, just hanging out, like Mark Stuart from AudioA. G2G

PS: Today those crazy kids from PHV Elementary are having:
Chicken Pot Pie Wrap
Seasoned Green Beans
Fresh fruit
Graham Crackers


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