There is of Fourscore and seven years our fathers to take on this continent a new nation, inaugurated more still compriss in freedom and the business that all the men comparable are caused. We take part now in a large civil war and examine whether this nation or a nation can support thus included/understood and if inaugurated a long time. We run up against a large battle field of this war. We came to inaugurate part of him as places more to finish stationary for which which that it died here that the nation could live. We, can do this one in all the behavior. But in a greater direction, we cannot inaugurate, we can not consecrat, we cannot this ground sanctify. The courageous men, the life and deaths that which fought here to add far or to remove have consecrated on our bad energy. The world will of little notices it recalls still a long time, to which we say ourselves here, but it cannot never forgets, which it here. This rahter for us the life, us here it large tries it to inaugurate, which before us remaining — that von this to honour dead to increase us devotion this cause to take, for which they here the full last measures this to give devotion — to repair to us here in a very marked way, that this death not in futile dying, that this nation new a birth freedom and that to govern to it anybody, by the person, because nobody to die it not masses it “,


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