who’s a dweeb?

BoDuke284: aye, fight and you may die
BoDuke284: run…and you’ll live
BoDuke284: at least for awhile
BoDuke284: and dying in your bed many years from now
BoDuke284: would you be willing
GohanMKI: god bucky
GohanMKI: your such a dweeb
BoDuke284: to trade all the days from this day till that
BoDuke284: for one chance
BoDuke284: to come back here
BoDuke284: and tell our enemies
BoDuke284: that they can take our lives
BoDuke284: *suspense……..
BoDuke284: but they’ll never take…..
BoDuke284: *more suspense
BoDuke284: *are you ready?
GohanMKI: sure
BoDuke284: *too bad. text doesn’t do it justice
BoDuke284: hahahahaha
GohanMKI: OUR FREEDOM!!!!!!!!

BoDuke284: *CHEERS FROM ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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