long black trenchcoats are cool

….and you can type that into google (in quotes of course). Yeah i got my new leather trench in the mail today. It’s pretty rockin.


5 thoughts on “long black trenchcoats are cool

  1. Side notes are spiffy and usually more important than the “main” message. I hope Kim fully appreciates the honor!

  2. There was a message board I used to post on a while ago. There, in the first part of my posts, I would say at least a small something about the topic at hand. After that first part, I would say “On a Side Note:” and write something random or funny that came to mind. Now obviously the parallels between Bucky’s post and my own are not exact. For example, I don’t think he was mentioning you to be random or funny. However, I think the parallel lies in that for me, the first part of my posts didn’t really matter, but it was the “Side Note” I really valued.

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