Went to the Five Iron Frenzy and Bleach show tonight at Rocketown. Needless to say, it was awesome. I got a little ruckussed near the beginning and so I worried about my glasses being destroyed. Got punched in the face a few times. I eventually moved out of the middle of the crowd, and in the process, saw Miranda. I also saw this one guy who’s in my Biology class. There were also a few other people I know who were there. Anyway, Kevin Max from dcTalk introduced Bleach (at least I’m pretty sure it was him…didn’t get to talk to him and he kinda disappeared after that). The place was absolutely PACKED! Bleach and FIF rocked it out, and my legs hurt now. Actually most of my body, including my brain, does. But the show was cool. I can’t really remember anymore highlights right now. But Nashville rocks.


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