Rock shows

On friday, I went to a death metal show with Joel, James, Jeremy, Joey [holy crap–attack of the J’s!!! I just noticed that], and Carson. The headliner was Norma Jean, but the whole show was pretty….exciting I guess. I mean, it was fun, but it was pretty violent. Anyway, after the show, Joel and Steven (who came later) stayed at my house. The next day, after my traffic class (4 hrs), we picked up my dad at the airport (got back from mission trip in China). My aunt Kim came over and we rode Santana and Rain. Kim got off and then Steven and I went for a ride. Rain did pretty well under Steven’s control. Later we both dismounted and Joel and my aunt got on. Later, after dinner, Joel left to go back to Cookevegas, and Steven and I went to Rocketown. There was a really good band there that we talked to for awhile after they played. They said they were from Oklahoma City, and they record in Norman. Izz, we’ll get some of their tracks to you eventually and see if you like them. Anyhoo, the band we went to see was SK88. However, after some confusion, we figured out they had changed their name since the flyers were put out. Can’t remember what their new name is, but they were decent this time, too. While at Rocketown, I learned that Stryper, yes, STRYPER is coming in november. How crazy is that….I’m going, of course. I also got more excited about the FIF and Bleach show next thursday. OK i’m sure this post is officially boring now. Kimmie is awesome.


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