good times

Time is ticking away until school starts. It’s hard to believe Steven and I will be room-mates like we’ve always “What if”-ed about, or even going to the same college. It’s really hard to believe the Izz man is coming too. That’s pretty awesome. I’d say Steven settled in pretty well and pretty quick. I guess I picked him the right room-mates for this summer. Anyhoo…just the other day, I was in Cookeville and we went to play frisbee golf. Mark had previously lost a disc on top of a building. Thus Steve-o-rama saves the day. He is one not to be underestimated. Not only does his height give him uncanny reaching ability, but his lankiness and climbing skills come in handy, too. Yeah…he climbed up a tree next to the building and just hopped on over to the roof…or did he swing…or is he really just that tall…I’m not really sure how he got from the tree to the building, but he did. OK, maybe it was a “you-had-to-be-there” thing, but why it was so amusing is how he thought nothing of it. Like he does this every day. I guess spider-monkeys don’t think twice about it, either, though. Anyhoo…speaking of Tech, I was looking through a “Pics” folder and found some semi-old goodness:
(if this doesn’t work, see Comments)


4 thoughts on “good times

  1. Sometimes I touch the screen. But when I get my fingerprints on the screen I must set the times of the six-way dragon. And that, believe you me of the Leprechanian (sp) of Lieberdem honorific terms, it is not the favorite thing of activities to have to be done or have been done.

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