4th of July was cool (5th actually, is when we went pyro). My cousins, my aunt, and I put on a pretty good fireworks show. Lots of good rockets. Lots of really good artillery shells. Sweet finale. I bought some “M-1000’s” (not sure what their actual power is) for before it got dark enough for the good stuff. These, however, always prove to also be the good stuff. We blew up random things, including a hamburger. That thing pretty much disappeared. It was blown to oblivion. It was awesome. We also got bored and blew up some bowls of nachos. I didn’t know styrofoam could shatter. And I figured corn chips woulda been just thrown into the air. Instead, they were reduced to crumbs. We had a good time. What I’m most stoked about, however, is Kim coming tomorrow. I don’t have a clue how I’ll get any work done tomorrow.


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