End of the semester

Yeah my first year at Tech is over. Summer is gonna be cool. I still need to find a job, but I’m not too worried about that. Nashville’s a big place; I’m sure I can find something. Anyway, on Friday, some of my friends went out to eat to celebrate good times. We discussed what to do after dinner. I of course suggested Rocketown, which was a popular idea, but we decided that since the Wildhorse was cheaper and stays open later, we should go there. So we did. It was Chase, the Wicker twins (adam and ryan), Ashley B, Rachel, Kerry, Christy Dyer, and me. The Wildhorse Saloon is a huge 3-story club. It’s pretty country-fied and they do a lot of line dancing. However, at midnight, they start playing other stuff, like hip-hop, dance, classic rock, and stuff like that. So we got down. My friends re-enforced their opinion that my dancing is quite entertaining, especially when I’m trying to feel the hip-hop. They played “Beat It” and I did some robot/Wacko Jacko moves, and they put the spotlight on me. Apparently these people need some culture. Anyway, after we got tired and sore, we left and I crashed at Chase’s apt. The next day I stayed for graduation and the graduate lunch at the BSU. After that I came home and I went out w/ my parents and my dad’s ‘rents. We ate at the Spaghetti Factory in Nashville, then we walked around awhile. Now here I am updating. Nashville rocks.


8 thoughts on “End of the semester

  1. Elvis diddled in doodling, but he eventually wound up brooding.
    He wasn’t a very good artist,
    And at school he was never the smartest.
    What could he do? What would he be?
    And that’s when he decided to see
    what he could do with an old guitar
    And so he did become a star.
    Then one night years later, the pressures mounting
    He took some pills that stopped his pouting
    He liked them quite a bit and they took their hold
    That’s why he never grew to be that old.
    Oh if only he had been a bit better with the pen or the books
    Then he might not have been caught on drugs’ deadly hooks.

    And I was going to come up with more but I’m going to Wendy’s house. Well, it’s not a house, but you know.

  2. Gundam Seed is good stuff. Oh yeah, I will send you your stuff later. With a messenger. Not in a box. Well, that I can’t unguarantee, so too unbad.

  3. No need to edit your entry, Mr. Jedi. Anyhow, original entry pretty much said “…I did some robot/Wacko Jacko moves, and they put the spotlight on me (if that’s even a word).”

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