Today I faced my fear of heights (and had a little adventure)

Yeah today me and the dudes (plus ryan) that went sledding behind the fourwheelers several months ago went on another little adventure today. We hiked out to this waterfall place called “Rock Island”. It was a pretty rough hike, but it was cool. Near the beginning, we got to walk behind a fall. We had to wade through some pretty darn cold water to another small waterfall, then climb up it. After that, we had to trek through this rocky swampy type thing. It was pretty gross,but we got over it and it wasn’t very far. Luckily, Jonathan knew where he was going. After a short while, we got to this other place with 2 or three more little waterfalls. Under one of them (about 55 feet high) was a really wide/deep pool. Jonathan said that was the one that people jump off of. We, naturally, let him go first. Then we all followed. That was probably the longest freefall I’ve ever had. Shoot…that rope swing would be nothin’ now! Our average falling time was around 3 1/2 seconds. It was a crazy awesome rush. The water there was pretty cold, but not too bad after a while. The only not fun part of the expedition was the hike/climb/jump/swim all the way back to the place where we first had to wade across(after you jump, you can’t just climb back up w/out equipment, so you had to go around the bluffs). The reason it sucked was that the whole way back was just a bunch of rough rocks and boulders. I cut my foot and wished I had come with water shoes. (I had to leave my flipflops at the top of the falls). By the time my barefoot self got back, Ryan was bringing our stuff back. I gladly recieved my flip flops. But despite the trip back to the beginning of the path, the jump alone made it worth it. Steven, this is another must-do. But we’ll make sure we have footgear on the way back.


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