finally updating

sorry i haven’t been updating’s a little catch-up: A couple weeks ago, on spring break, i went w/ the bsu on our mission trip to alabama. we went to this christian camp and fixed it up. We cleared brush, painted, built a fence, etc. In the afternoons, we split up into small groups and did backyard bible clubs.I got a lot of footy and will make a video eventually when i get time.
Last week:
I was busy doing scheduling stuff/figuring out co-op stuff. More on that later.
Went home to Nashville to work at a lock-in w/ my church. It was constant action all night. It was fun for the most part, but i was exhausted by about 7am. During the night, we were headed via a caravan of cars to the bowling alley. I was trying to keep up with the car in front of me, and apparently, they were speeding. However, I was the one who got pulled over. I could tell the cop had decided before even speaking a word to me that I must be an irresponsible skater-punk kid. I explained what was going on[that i was following someone cuz i didn’t know where the place was and why i had a bunch of minors in the car so late]. That didn’t seem to matter to him. He was a very grumpy bastage and gave me a ticket regardless. So, not knowing where the bowling alley was (or the name of it), we just went to my house and waited awhile and played Dreamcast. Then we returned to the church, and, luckily, everyone had returned.
Saturday: Slept till about 1pm, then went to my grandparents’ house. It was my G-daddy’s b-day and some of my cousins were there. Not sure when i got back home, but when i did, i ate some more and watched SNL. Then i went to sleep.
Today: went to church, got back home and ate, talked to kimmy, then slept till like 4. Came back to Cookevegas to find out if anything was goin on. Joel and Adam had been jamming/writing songs. Joel was studying, so I got my axe jammed with Adam for awhile. Now I’m watching TV and updating.


4 thoughts on “finally updating

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  2. welcome to the club i got a total of three one was a reckless driving charge the other two were for speeding

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