bangin concert

Well, last night i went to a jammin punk rock show. The bands were really good, the moshing was great, and everyone was there (Joel, Peggy, Matt P., Rod, Ashley B., Miranda and some of her peeps, and even my cousin Molly, to name a few). Well, near the end of the concert, while Rod’s band (No Reserve) was playing, I perhaps got a little carried away and jumped on the stage. Then it was like that old Airwalk commercial. I jumped off, my body totally horizontal, everyone moved –> classic faceplant. I lay there in shock for a second or two, then got right back up. After another few seconds, a bunch of people around me kindly let me know i was bleeding. So i rushed off to the bathroom to clean up and survey the damage. The whole freakin concert followed me to and into (even the chicks) the bathroom. They were freakin out like mad and telling me i “definitely needed stitches”, which was the last thing i wanted. I had a huge gash over my left eyebrow, and i was slightly delirious. So I was like, “I dunno, guys….you don’t think i could just bandage this up and it’ll heal?” They laughed, but i guess they didn’t know i was serious. So, after getting to Joel’s car, i realized i didn’t have my glasses. I ran back inside and asked people if they’d seen them (I lay them down on the sound table). They were all like “STOP WORRYING ABOUT YOUR FREAKIN GLASSES AND GO TO THE ER!!!” That’s when Miranda and one of her friends came up, freaking out. She asked me something, but I didn’t catch it. I told her i was upset that we “didn’t even get it on film”. Fortunately she said they did catch the footy, so as I was celebrating, they pushed me out the door. So I got back in the car and went to the ER. They had some glue stuff they used to close up my cut, so they didn’t have to use stitches. That made me happy. They also told me I possibly had a mild concussion. So after the ER, we went back to the Community Center to see if anyone was still there. Mir and some guys from the bands were. Then I answered the “are you ok” question at least 200 times. Everyone felt “SO bad” about it, and Rod was like “man, i was about to puke when you did that”. I thought that was hilarious.
So anyway, when miranda gets that tape to me, I’ll try to upload the clip and I’ll post the link. I bet it looks bilarious.


2 thoughts on “bangin concert

  1. what bucky has forgotten to metion is how i called him early that day and when he talked about the concert i told him not to do any of the moshing or jumping off stage for he was certainly going to get hurt. then he calls me at 11 at night(he’s not supposed to call after 10) to inform me that he was in the ER and he might need stiches. Needless to say i laughed at him and thought he was joking with me at first. anyways maybe this time he has learned something from it.

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