On friday evening, i went w/ the bsu to nashville to go ice skating. After that, we came back to the B for our lock-in, which i had to help run (since I’m FTC). It was pretty cool; i brought DDR, james brought his gamecube and smash bros. (we hooked it up to the projector), we had movies and games and food and that sorta stuff. At about 6-6:30am on Saturday, people left to go to James’ house for breakfast. However, FTC stayed to clean up and stuff. So then i showed up late at James’ crib, ate, socialized, and went home to try to catch some sleep. After a couple hours, one of Erin’s friends called and needed some video editing help. So I helped him for a while until i saw what time it was. I told the dude i was going to a playoffs party (and invited him to come with–he had plans so he declined), and i showed up right on time for the kickoff at the Dyers’ house [now nicknamed the Shizzle-de-Dizzle]. I guess james’ apt. doesn’t have a name. The game was AWESOME! Watching it actually wore me out even more. BTW: Titans won. After the game, some peeps went off to do whatever, while the rest of us went to the Burger joint (Karen’s Apt.) to eat some more and watch movies. I got back to my dorm about 12:30-1. I was pretty worn out, but it was all really fun. FTC rocks. Oh btw: apparently chase, me, and carson were voted the hottest guys on ftc lol. Guess how many guys are on FTC.


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