Well here’s info about the club. Most of this is a foreign language to me. Izz, help me out here.

Downtown Nashville’s newest, largest dance floor (8,000 sq. ft.), including a 40’x20′ foot stage, 40,000 watts of mind-bending intelligent lighting and a massive video projection system.
A 20,000 watt state-of-the-art dance music and live performance hybrid audio system by Q, including Soundcraft, Funktion-One, Klark-Technic, DBX, TC Electronics, QSC, Mackie and Audio-Technica components, and including twelve 18″ infrasonic subwoofers producing sub-audible bass, below the threshlod of human hearing.
DJ gear features Technics SL1200 Mark II, Pioneer Pro CD’s and Mackie Pro 200A Monitors up on the permanent DJ platform.”


10 thoughts on “?

  1. that sounds like sum kinda club.lol um ya! i’ve decided my new years revolution is to stay single all school year…

  2. You forgot to put in how many exits there are from the building and their overall quality (which takes into account the ease of exiting, the chances law enforcement will cover the exits, where the exits lead to, etc.). You never know when the cops are gonna come busting in.

  3. all right checkity checkity check.
    40,000 watts of intelligent lighting?
    its lighting that pulses and changes with the bass mostly.. hardly intelligent, it just reacts to low frequency sound.
    sounds like tehy got a video wall..
    sound by Q, aka Qsound is used in alot of videogames, its a surround sound technology. Capcoms been using it since 1995 in all its arcade games..
    infrasonic subwoofers have great ‘WHOOMP’ sound without the “BRRRM” vibration of most other subwoofer.. basically, they’re BUMPIN..
    Technics sl1200 mark IIs are FIVE HUNDRED APIECE. They are the top of the line turntable, they have great torque, a worklight, they’re great for just spinning or scratching, those are sweet tables. Pionner pro cds are a new kind of djing, cd djing in which you can ‘scratch’ with a cd.. they’re catching on but vinyl is still king. mackie pro 200a monitors are just speakers so the dj can hear his full mix coming @ him.. alot of times djs work without a monitor (i do) because it confuses me.. i prefer the mix thru the headphones.

  4. its not a rave, its a frickin club. theres cops there all the time man..
    its easy to tell you’ve never been clubbing 🙂

  5. Trust me. When me and my posse bust up in those clubs, it immediately goes–no, transcends from a club to something beyond that of a rave. As for the cops there all the time, you don’t think they’re easy to take care of? Bribes and blackjacks. And bazooka (that brand of bubblegum is one of the quickest debilitating).

    The escape routes are just in case the man decides to come down on the party hard.

  6. thank-you! i figured i have better things to work on… my mom said since i hate school so much i should get my GED this year but i don’t wanna miss out on all the fun senior year stuff. so i’m gonna stick it through *sigh*

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