this week

let’s see. what happened this week? Not too much really. I’ve been studying a lot cuz next week is finals week. Kim set up her webcam, so we’ve been chatting and usin those (i hook up my camcorder which works as a webcam) which is awesome. It’s nice to be able to chat face-to-face again. On Tuesday night, went to the Icarus concert here on campus. Icarus is a small band that Matt Glass (from fuge), jeremy (from fuge), and Marshall (Miranda’s friend and BSUer) play in along with 2 other guys. Izz: small world, huh? LOL! Anyway, they seriously r()x><0r, and they’ve got a lot of potential. I have a CD of some of their songs, which I’ll share w/ you guys when I come up in Dec. I already sent Kimmy one of the songs. Anyway, I’ll need some prayer next week and this weekend as I have to write a paper for my English final.


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