bummed, kinda pissed, feel sorta betrayed

dude. I know i’m over-reacting, but….man when all you guys finally talked me into buying a gamecube, the plan was that we were investing in a system that we would eventually use play online games with each other from our various locations, including (and most of all) PSO. Now, one day a couple of you decide you want an xbox. Now you’re trying to talk me into that. I don’t know about you, but i’m not made of money. I was gonna get (actually, we ALL were) PSO very soon on gcn. We’ve been waiting for its release on GCN ever since before the system came out, and now it’s almost finally here. But you decide..no…I’d rather spend another 200+ bucks. I mean shoot; i can play shenmue 2 as well on the xbox. Newsflash: you can play it on DC, too. I don’t really see the point in getting PSO now, cuz the reason I would (and used to) play it is cuz it was fun to play with people i know, and it was a good way for us all to keep in touch. Besides, I thought that was the plan. As far as I know, Steven thought the same when he got his GCN, and he doesn’t have an xbox, either. Also, it’s very frightening to see David turn from Nintendo. whoa…..Anyway, maybe I’m tired and moody, maybe you guys are really hasty with your money (or your mom’s money or whatever), or I don’t know what. I’m not telling you how to spend your money; i mean, i think “the more consoles, the more games, the better!” too, but as far as PSO goes, I’m pretty disappointed.


12 thoughts on “bummed, kinda pissed, feel sorta betrayed

  1. whoa! im not made of money either. And also, who “talked you into buying a gamecube?” .. not me.. I didnt talk you into buying about 200$ worth of games this summer, either, nor a 150 dollar mobile monitor..
    I know i’m over-reacting
    you ARE over reacting.. look, if you look at the economics of it..
    PSO on gamecube .
    NO KEYBOARD. CRIPPLED COMMUNICATION. 9.95 per month. 40.00 for broadband adaptor.
    thats uneconomical.
    I dont feel like paying that much for it when the xbox will have
    VOICE CHAT , a flat 50.00 fee for all games, and EXTRA DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT, STAGES, CHARACTERS, AND LEVELS. Compared to gamecube, what’s the better deal?
    Shenmue on Dreamcast : Look on ebay, prices go up to 80-100 dollars. Just last weekend i saw shenmue II for xbox, with shenmue the movie dvd for 32.99.
    Whoa there..
    theres new features for xbox, graphical enhancement, and new items, a camera mode – etc.
    Also theres actually an english dub as opposed to subtitles (which i dont really care bout, but hey).
    basically its alot more polished.
    Look.. i’m not an xbox fanboy. I got an xbox because that’s where segas at. Originally, if you can look back in my journal, i was contemplating me getting an xbox. The deal was too good to pass up. David’s not turning from nintendo, either. As for me, i’m not turning from anything, i’ve always been a sega fan.

    Anyway, maybe I’m tired and moody, maybe you guys are really hasty with your money (or your mom’s money or whatever), or I don’t know what.
    superman lunchbox? when you have money, you can be pretty hasty with it too, don’t be hypocritical.
    And yeah, i tend to spend it.. but i can make it back, too..

    not an attack on you, i’m just telling you your logic is fatally flawed.

    and one last thing
    you cant put a price on shenmue dubs.

  2. oh yeah , btw.. lets add this up.
    burnout ..
    mobile monitor
    sonic adv 2 battle..
    anything else i forgot?

  3. “calm down there chief”
    maybe you both need to take a breather cuz yeah its not that big a deal
    (i know you guys are thinking you don’t like video games so of course you would say its not a big deal) but come on lets not argue everyone has the right to there own oppinions
    as well as to spend their own money however they want

  4. I don’t think we’re arguing, dear. I just stated my opinion (or a drama-fueled, over-exaggerated version of it) and I’m done. But I still understand what you meant. luv yas

  5. soo pretty much, i win. my points were valid. On a side note, its snowing here now, and im going to sleep.

  6. Don’t be bummed. Get an Xbox!

    It’s all about financials. Ditto what Kappuru did on that, although, from your reply, it seems you didn’t really read what he had to say (although you probably did).

    I’m gonna take this as one of your outbursts that you later say, “I don’t know what I was thinking,” or “I don’t know what got into me.”

    -Lost River and your DC
    -Josh Hanson and your coat

    As for Xmas and your BDay, you’re bound to get some money. If you’re thrifty enough, you’ll probably be able to save up enough.

  7. he already told you he doesn’t have the money and so he doesn’t have to say it again trust me he doesn’t have the money. LOL (sorry) i know i’m not a part of this but i like to comment on the lj’s

  8. I never said he currently had the money. If he did have the money, there wouldn’t be an issue, ne?

    As for your response, Mr. Jedi, thank you for enlightening me.

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