The Man of Steel

I was gonna call this entry “Ironman”, but steel is better and I mean like, couldn’t Ironman rust? He does have a cool theme song though…but we all know Superman is better. Btw, did anyone see this week’s Smallville? That was pretty sweet. Man, next week it looks like they’re gonna do one on red Kryptonite, cuz in the preview it showed Clark all dark-side and stuff. Dude Birds of Prey looks cool. I hope they don’t screw up the Batman mythos too much. WOW! I got wayyyyyyyy off topic. This entry was actually supposed to be about me just running 2 miles in 15:16. got class, g2g


3 thoughts on “The Man of Steel

  1. On Tuesday night I hang out with James from fuge and a couple other BSU’ers. Kim cooks for us and we watch Smallville.

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