Sept. 11

Didn’t feel like getting up yesterday, on Sept. 11. I woulda rather just stayed in bed for a while longer and prayed or something. But, I got up anyway, thinking “I’m gonna go to class-can’t really afford to miss anything today” and “I’m gonna live my life like normal today…as an American…untouched” But then again,I wondered if that’s the right attitude or not. I mean, I did want to remember all those who died and those who gave their time (or even lives) rescuing others. I decided to do both. As I ate breakfast, I watched one of the screens in the cafeteria on which they USUALLY play music videos and such. Well, yesterday, they had on CNN. I watched as people gathered at ground zero and as the bagpipers played amazing grace. Though the place where the towers fell is still a wreck, on the screen with all those people and the hymns in the background, it was peaceful. Well, that put me in a reverent/patriotic mood for the rest of the day. Classes were hard–they were not where I wanted to be. Truthfully, I would have liked to have been at home with my parents. After I ate breakfast and watched some more of the service, I went to Pre-Calc. I took an easy quiz and headed to Geology. Don’t remember what i did there. Think we studied volcanoes. I could tell nobody’s mind was really on geology. After that, I went to my dorm to study a bit until noon. Then I went to a memorial service thingy on the main quad. I figured it would be some small little deal, but I felt it was still important. Well, I was surprised when I found out that Peter Gunther form the FDNY was going to speak to us. US! College students in COOKEVILLE! That was awesome. He told his story and shared with us some advice about life and gave us a patriotic pep talk, pointing out that in a few years, the world (and our nation) will belong to our generation. We had a moment of silence. I was amazed how well that worked with so many people present. (I’ll admit i peeked)–I was filled with joy/comfort seeing how many people were turning to God and praying. Well after the service, I was gonna go to the BSU, but i decided to go back to my room instead and get ready for English. Not much happened in that class. She let us go early. Then I had an hour or so break, so I ate lunch (at a slow pace as always), then went back to get ready for PT. I was wondering if they’d let us go or at least go easy on us that day. Nope. At first we did talk a little about Sept. 11. But then we got ready to run around the campus. I really did not feel ready to run. I was not in the right attitude and I didn’t have the motivation to run a mile and 1/2 or so (as we usually do). I called out for God to give me the strength to get through it. Well, as He’s been teaching me recently, He gave me more than enough strength when I asked Him for a little. I ran 3 miles that day, no problem. I mean, it was EASY! Usually after a mile or so i’m ready to quit. But yesterday, it was like automatic. I stopped thinkin about running and let my mind wander to my brother, and all that he’s been through….for the USA…for ME. Maybe that’s one tool God used to keep me motivated. Man, He works (oldskool dcTalk). Well after the run i stretched out and went back to the dorm for a shower. Then i went to my Comp Sci. Lab. I could tell there, too, that nobody’s mind was on programming. They let us go early. so, THEN I went to the BSU to be with my Christian friends. Finally. We hung around and talked and stuff till about 6:45, when we left to go to the Putnam County fairgrounds. There they were hosting “Light Up the Night”. It was another tribute/ memorial service. It was powerful. there was lots of music, including country singer Lynda Davis and a local band StraightShooter (they did “Only in America” at the end of the program. There were also some high school and childrens choirs. At the beginning they had a role call of local Fire, Police, EMT, National Guard and other service members. They had a video and several speakers, including the mayor. Peter Gunther, the FDNY firefighter who spoke at our school, was there, too. Only this time his speech was even better. Later we had a moment of silence and a prayer. Then a pastor (or priest or somethin) lit a “unity candle” and then we all turned on our flashlights (that we had to bring) and “Lit up the Night”. We sang America the Beautiful. Then they had a 21 gun salute along with Taps. I may have left out a few things, but that’s it in a nutshell. After the service, we went back to the BSU. I think I went to bed after that. Though I didn’t want to get up in the morning, it turned out to be an awesome day.


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