last night….with the guys!

last night i went out drinkin w/ the guys. we had some pepsi twist. also, last night i went out to a party with a bunch of girls (mir and her friends). we held hands. cuz we were praying at church b4 the party. i told kim that. she didnt’ seem to think it was that funny. anyway… yeah i went to mir’s church last night and then to a fellowship/party type thing. the house had a pool so that was fun. anyway…got to know some more people from the bsu (some of them go to mir’s church) so that was cool, too. well i g2g.


7 thoughts on “last night….with the guys!

  1. would you like it if i told you that i went out with a bunch of guys and even held their hands and then say why aren’t you laughing maybe you should get someone to explain to you how a g/f can become a jelous g/f maybe i think its not fair maybe i miss you and maybe i want you all to myself is that too much to ask for?

  2. yes its too much to ask for becaue there are so many billion people on this earth so its impossible to ever have one person all to yourself

  3. kim chill -_- i mean i’ve held your hand before praying.. don’t remember? THATS CUZ IT WASNT A BIG DEAL!
    its cool, u can trust bucky ..
    sides, no you cant have one person all to yourself.. that would be stifling them.

  4. i wasn’t upset that he was praying with them i was upset because when he called me he said, “I went out with a bunch of girls and we held hand….why aren’t you laughing” i was just pointing out why i wasn’t laughing cuz he wouldn’t be laughing if i said that i was with some guy and we held hands i don’t find it funny i find it unfair cuz i miss him deply so you just chill out relax and its over with and he can pray with any and every girl he wants i don’t care cuz its just praying … its not a joke.

  5. Kim’s shoulders are niiiiiicce…………….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Too bad COW is cancelled, otherwise…

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