-Name: Sir Christopher James Elliott
-Age: 18
-Birthday: 02/08/84
-Zodiac sign: Aquarius
-Height: 5’6″
-Eye color: Blue!
-Hair color: uh…blond?
-Nationality: American (Scotts-Irish blood)
-Are you a virgin?: yes
-How old were you when you lost it?: n/a
-Did you enjoy it?: n/a
-Do you wish you could do it over?: n/a
-With someone else?: n/a
-Is being in a relationship crucial for sex?: yes
-For you, how long is it appropriate to wait for sex in a relationship?: marriage
-If your bf/gf didn’t want to wait, would you dump them?: yeah
-Making love and having sex – is there a difference?: yes

-Single?: nope! πŸ˜€
-Hungry?: heck yes
-Thirsty?: sorta
-Tired?: no
-Bored?: don’t get me started….
-Alone? not really…God, people on AIM, various animals
-Looking for a job?: NO! πŸ™‚
-A vegetarian?: No
-straight edge?: Pretty much
-Christian?: YES
-Proud of yourself?: Sometimes
-A sports fan?: Extreme sports/football/racing/rodeo
-In college?: August
-In love?: yes πŸ˜€

-Band/Artist?: dcTalk, Creed, Blind Guardian, Daft Punk
-Song?: Take On Me – A-Ha/ Video: “Complicated”- Avril Lavigne
-Album?: Weathered–Creed
-Color?: Blue!
-Day?: Friday?
-Holiday?: Christmas
-Season?: Summer
-Time of day?: 4:20pm
-Food?: pizza
-Snack?: please
-Drink?: Mountain Dew
-Book?: Trilogy–LOTR
-Author?: Tolkein
-Artist?: da Vinci
-Website?: Google
-Room in the house?: Wherever my comp./consoles are
-Meal?: Olive Garden’s Tour of Italy
-Magazine?: GamePro
-Store?: Wal-Mart
-Brand of shoes?: Vans, Soap
-Pizza topping?: Supreme
-Condiment?: That’s sick!!!
-Gum?: gum ball
-Soda?: MD, Vanilla Coke
-Radio station?: don’t know yet
-TV station?: Cartoon Network (Toonami!), vh1
-Movie?: Empire Strikes Back

-Black/white?: white
-Apples/oranges?: Florida Oranges!
-Dogs/cats?: cats i guess
-Boys/girls?: girls!!!
-CD/tape?: mp3
-Rent the video/go to the movies?: go to movies
-Ketsup/Catsup?: who cares
-Book/Movie?: Movie
-Spoon/fork?: Spork
-Chicken/turkey?: chicken
-Comforter/quilt?: Comforter
-Down/cotton?: Cotton
-Pool/ocean?: Depends… I wouldn’t surf in a pool. Except for maybe on a dare.
-Beach/woods?: woods.
-Socks/no socks: none
-Slippers/bare feet?: Bare feet
-Metal/rap?: Metal
-Hawaii/Alaska?: Hawaii
-Plane/train?: Plane

-Miss someone right now?: Yes
-Who?: Kimmy, Jon, Josh
-Wish you were with someone right now?: 10-4
-Who?: Kimmy
-Like school?: Never
-Like your parent(s)?: Most of the time
-Eat the stems of broccoli?: affirmative
-Talk to yourself?: Do I talk to myself……
-Talk to your animals?: you are correct
-Smoke?: heck no
-Go clubbing?: sort of
-Know anyone gay?: hope not
-Sing in the car?: All the time
-Make prank calls?: I have.
-Play video games?: Chronically
-Think long distance relationships can work?: YES!
-Go in chat rooms?: not very often
-Save emails?: sometimes
-Save IM conversations?: indeed
-Write poetry?: yeah
-Paint?: Tealpaint
-Draw?: doodle
-Vote?: not yet
-Cheat on tests?: no
-Believe in magic?: I love McDonalds!!!


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