Shoryu (Israel Sundseth) – 08/04/02 23:53:17
My Email:sundseth@peoplepc.com
Favorite Planet: Japan
Favorite Movie: Pokemon

Comments: I am a “been there, done that” pro skater/techno-composer/ladies man/artist/film producer/ super-duper-techno-trooper-software-genius-you-ain’t-never-seen-this-firewall-smacker-ultra-hacker certified computer EXPERT! I truly am Tony Hawk’s secret clone, I’m sponsored by like 3 skate companies, I can land a simple 50-50 EVERY TIME(it’s so easy! The same with kickflips, boardslides,and especially JUDOs!!), and I got a record deal in 2001…….but it keeps getting pushed back. I helped start the ALL YOUR BASE phenomenon, I have been the national champion for Starcraft (though i never got any recognition), and I import games from Japan ALL THE TIME, but i never feel like giving my friends hook-ups (and for some reason i still have to save up for things such as video cameras, PDA’s, video games, etc). If you would like to see some wicked vert skating……….TOO BAD! I don’t do that much anymore.However, I am an awesome street skater and that’s why i send STILL IMAGES to my sponsors. If you’d like some of those, my email is sundseth@peoplepc.com



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