i still update

yep. i do. i’ve just been busy recently. i have quite enough work to do, getting ready for college, and doing homework….anyhoo. I can’t wait till the 19th. that’ll be awesome. The Lord Of The Rings will come out, i will already have my 128-bit Magic Gate, Israel will be here….yep. cool stuff.i still have some Christmas shopping to do, as well as completing Project X(mas). You guys don’t know what that is. haha. It’s classified until the 25th. I don’t sense much excitement/anticipation. i don’ t even know if i spelled that correctly. I don’t care either. Don’t go see The Black Knight. that’s all i have to say about that one. do go see the Fellowship Of The Ring. I will go see if we can buy tickets for it now. Also, while doing that, i will see if i can pre-purchase tickets to DCtalk. They will be at the Patriot Center on Jan. 19. more later…….


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