been awhile

wow i haven’t updated in a while. sorry. anyhoo….movies i’ve seen recently: Monsters Inc., The One, (can’t remember what else). Yeah but anyway…the Jon situation is hmmmmmm…..but the Me & Kimmy situation is…yeah! :)A YEAR AND A HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yep! good stuff. very good stuff. Know what else is good stuff (though not AS good)? CLIE!!!! YES! MY CLIE IS FREAKIN AWESOME!!! It’ll be even cooler when i get my MG memstick.I’ll be lookin forward to seeing you israel. haha. R34|> 7/-/3 b3/\/3|=][75!!!!!


One thought on “been awhile

  1. its been 3 days… you obviously aren’t going to change your habit so i bet you really wewen’t sasro what the


    that’s what’s written on the desk. weird






    t up now!

    it would be so neat if they released a Captain Nintendo

    series on the GCN! I’m sure that would sell some CUBES!

    save your hands. yep im in physics… everyone is done the quiz… now whelp! gotta start diong a lab now


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