decided to type more. Yeah the Inside Joke List is growing nicely. I like that percentage thing!!!! LOL. ahakoe my csat is walking on mqwy keypboard.dangit. i don’;t feel lipke deleting all this though. HA HA! Now my cat is dancing to ddr music!!!!! Actually she’s probably just neading the couch because cats just do that. But it LOOKS like she’s DDRing!! That’s cool. Anyway….it would be nice if IGN responded to David’s email.Ok this entry is pretty pointless.


2 thoughts on “more

  1. No they prob won’t… seeing as there’s one whole person working for dc now. maybe ill send it to cube.

  2. More to the pointl, “l” isn’t suppossed to be in the word “point”. BUT, it is present in the word “lullaby”.

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