funny stuff

Yeah this weekend was full of great jokes and videos. Don’t have time right now to tell. Talk to me on AIM and i’ll tell you or maybe i’ll post later. One highlight of the other day: At work, I was just going about my business and looked out the window for a second. There was steven, driving by. In the passenger side window was a bunny mask. I laughed rather hard, and people looked at me like I’m crazy (as is usual there- I’m always making Shenmue/asbestos references). Anyway… later, I asked “Fuku-san” (whatever his real name is) if he could read Kanjii, and he said no. I laughed again. Later I asked if he remembered that time when I wrapped him up in asbestos and threw him in a coal mine. His response : OMG he’s wack! Of course that made me laugh again. Wow, time flew at work that day.


2 thoughts on “funny stuff

  1. IT WAS I! the bunny-mask!

    Lots of other pizza hut guys saw it too bucky. Although, they were more disturbed than anything else.

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