haiku really IS fun!!!!

yeah, today at school i wrote some more haiku.It’s addictive for some reason. Darn you josh.

Master Chen called me
when I was at Pizza Hut.
He had a complaint.

I hate algebra
Algebra is tedious
Algebra 5ux0r

“Come behind this bush”
Uncle Dennis is dirty
He likes little boys

wrote these at lunch:

Seth likes to drink milk
He doesn’t like little boys
He eats Mexican(s)

Read BJ’s button
It says to say no to hate
The button is black

BJ was inspired so he decided to write some as well:

Bucky has problems
He likes to write dumb haikus
He’s not eating lunch

Black people are cool
they have big noses
but they don’t like whites

Turkeys are yummy
They make a very good meal
“gobble gobble….” CHOMP!!!

I wrote these later on at school:

I’m in chemistry
We performed a lab today
But our tests weren’t good

I got caught typing
I had to read my haiku
It made people laugh

Just got my homework
I did not get a zero
This makes me happy

All these letters spell haiku
Don’t you like haiku?


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