somebody set up us the bomb!

didn’t get to post this yesterday: I think it’s bout time to move zig. All they base will belong to us. they have no chance to survive. HaHaHa. FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, here’s yesterday from my viewpoint: I was just coming out of math class, and as i get into the hall, i hear much more rambling than usual. people are crying. People look frightened. Of course, the first thought in my head was that somebody had set up us (the school) a bomb. Especially since the announcements are inaudible in my woodbridge-style ghetto math room. But anyway, i get to lunch, and seth comes in with a very strange look on his face. He asks me if my dad went to work today, because his dad did not, and i was like “why wouldn’t he”. So then he spit it out, telling me that a hijacked plane had hit the pentagon. He was surprised by my reaction, i think. “Oh, well my dad works in the basement,” i told him, feeling confident. Perhaps i was trying to slip into a state of denial….but then again, maybe i just have more faith than i realize. Well BJ comes along with the same type of shocked look, talking about the world trade center. He told me that another plane had struck a tower. It may sound sick, but here was my response:”Geez. I feel kinda bad, cuz that’s what i ALWAYS used to do on Flight Simulator 95!” But anyway, he continued to tell me that there were big explosions, and that the north tower had begun to collapse. Seth said he couldn’t eat (they had seen it live in their social studies class). I said i couldn’t believe it. A skyscraper collapsing? Didn’t seem possible. Well, later, i was in chemistry class. The news had spread like wildfire, so everybody knew. The teacher tried to continue teaching the class, but it didn’t work. I mean, think about it…i’d say at least 40% of students have parents working in DC, and a great handful of those parents work at the pentagon. Plus, i’m sure some kids’ parents work in New York as well. So the class fell apart, and then all the classrooms were flooded with early dismissal passes. I hoped i didn’t get one. I already would have been OER after that class, and there were but 45 minutes left. Just after that thought. “Christopher Elliott?” called an admin from the door. I froze. Yeah, i was pretty sure my dad was in the basement during the impact, but…why would i have gotten a 45 minute-early dismissal? Well i hurried to the office, just to find confusion and crying. I tried to call my mom, but it didn’t work. all the phones in town, plus around DC, were all clogged up. I went home, to find Mrs. Sears, danny, and steven (and also my mom) at my house. We watched the news for a while, and i saw the second tower get hit and collapse. No words to describe it. Well, they went back to the pentagon footage, and i saw how much damage was truly done. I heard it hit on a different side from which my dad works on, and i was relieved. Plus we heard it had been evacuated. We mostly just sat there and watched, but later steven and I got some pizza, and danny picked up kim. When we got back, we did the same thing…watched tv, prayed..tried to call people. Way later, we finallly got a call. It was my auntjanet. she said my dad had called Nana, who called my mom’s folks, who had called her. SHe said my dad was fine, and then she and my mom talked a while. I saw a message scroll across the screen: “All (list of counties) ems, fire, and other rescue personnel REPORT FOR DUTY REGARDLESS OF SCHEDULE!” My brother got word to us via cellphone that he had to go to DC. I’m still praying for him. Well, later Donna and Jenn came over to our now phone-flooded house. They said carl was fine, and we told them my dad was ok. my dad got home about 3. We were glad to see him, and he told us his side of the story. Uh….then i had to go to work. It was the most busy night i’ve ever seen there. worse than a friday. I was tired when i got home, but i still chatted on the phone with Kimmy, and then i talked to israel and david on 3-way. I couldn’t get online (sorry josh!!!) because my dad was on emergency call. Then i went to bed, feeling very strange. “I have acutally lived during this day. This day that will live in infamy. And now i’m going to bed just as i usually do, as if nothing has happened. I am going to sleep in peace, in a nation whose capitol has just been attacked. BUt then i thought about George Bush’s words…something like “we will get them back!!! FOR GREAT JUSTICE!” Yeah. something like that. Well everybody’s suspicion was Bin Laden yesterday. I heard, though, that he had called and said it WASN’T him. Here’s what i read today: Authorities in Massachusetts have identified five Arab men as suspects in Tuesday’s attack on New York City and have seized a rental car containing Arabic-language flight training manuals at Logan International Airport, a source told the Boston Herald newspaper.

Two of the men were brothers whose passports were traced to the United Arab Emirates, the unidentified source told the Herald. One of the men was a trained pilot, the paper reported on its Web site on Wednesday.

We will find the others. At last we will get to the bottom of this. “At last we shall have revenge”-Darth Maul.
It’s strange to go outside today and see NO vapor trails. Well i gotta go now. The phrase of today, i think, is “We will get them back!” btw: everyone continue praying for jon, as he is still doing search and rescue at the Quadrilateral (is that what they’re gonna call it now? It lost a whole side.) as far as i know.


2 thoughts on “somebody set up us the bomb!

  1. read your journal in journalism yesterday — they were pretty impressed and thought it was really cool to get some non-media views..

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