oh look. I’m updating again. Wow. um….too bad i don’t have much to talk about. Here’s something: in chemistry, our homework was to make safety posters using rules from the book. I pondered creating a safety monkey poster, then i shot that down. Only israel can do safety monkey the way it should be done. Plus, i don’t think my teacher (or anyone else, for that matter) would understand the text i would have included: “Safety Monkey says: Do not attempt to mix chemicals to create an antidote for Harpy Eagle bites”. That would cover about 3 rules; don’t mix chemicals when not instructed, do not drink chemicals, do not drink out of beakers (that woulda been what safety monkey was doing in the picture).But NO no. I figured it woulda been much better for me to use…….CHEWBACCA!!!! Everybody loves chewie! Yes, yes. In my picture, a roughly sketched (with a brown marker) chewbacca has his arm blazing over a bunsen burner (alliteration!!!). I used random letters, all ransom-note like, from the newspaper to spell out “wwwooooaarrrrruuhho” or something close to that, above chewie’s head. Underneath, i translated it “Tie back ALL long hair when working in the lab”. Then i stapled a ziploc bag full of rubber bands (about as many as i figured a wookiee would need to tie all his hair back)to the poster as a joke. Ok maybe it doesn’t sound so funny when explained in text, so i’ll scan what i can of it, and then email it to a couple of you or something. Uh…my AIM wasn’t working well a minute ago, so i’m gonna go fool with it some more now.


One thought on “Wow

  1. Jul 7th, 1999. Playing megaman 8, with Josh whitenack. Of course, he with his l337 skills, beats it. As the ending goes, we hear some groovy instrumental music. I sequence it as one of my first MIDIs (start of my music career 😉 ) .
    Early 2000 – my dad has discovered napster, and is downloading mp3s like crazy. I come home from youth group, and hear THE SAME music, but with words.. I ask my dad what it is.. well, it’s the ’80s hit – “Europe – The Final Countdown”
    This leads me to searching my dads mp3s later, upon which i discover capcoms treachery and also : A-Ha : Take on Me. Much play ensues on the laptop, and bucky and Steven are introduced to it the day we move Becky into Joshes house. Take on Me has as much history for us (me) now as does Scatman, StarWarz gangsta rap, etc. It signifies a time gone past…
    Nostalgic enough for ya?

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