sorry i haven’t updated in awhile. Also, Kimmy: sorry for not mentioning your name in R-0-D-E-0. I reckoned that everyone would figure you were with me by default anyway. anyhoo…not too much goin on. i only have 2 classes a day, and i don’t have 1st period, so i get to sleep late. HAHA STEVEN!!!! WHO’S YOUR DADDY NOW?!
now for the funny story of the week: I’m sitting outside the attendance office (now located in the gym lobbby area) and Herr Rose comes strutting up, all confused-looking as usual. He decides it might be a nice adventure to take a stroll through the women’s facilities, so he opens the door and steps in. Moments later i see him come out the exit on the rear side, now looking more confused than usual. “Oh well,” he seems to say to himself, as he turns around and re-enters the girls restroom. He again exits through the door closest to me, repeating “I’m sorry! Excuse me! I’m sorry!” and, as i never wanted him to talk to me in the first place, i walk away swiftly.
Um…that’s about it for today’s entry.


3 thoughts on “sorry

  1. Im writing this in Red Hat Linux is cool down the temperatures forcast by the weathermen/women suck cause they are so inaccurate kicks can lead to QB finger injuries at PHut are not serious so long as I get my pizza on time me im going to run 500000 meters.

    Anyhow, in the above passage, some words act as the beginning and ending words of a sentence. CAN YOU FIND THEM? Who will survive?

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