Twenty six dollars? AMAZING!!!

Hey…everybody go to Target on Wednesday…except for those whose remote and desolate towns do not include a Target. LOL
Anyway, on Wednesday, Mario Kart is launching at 26 dollars!
Yeah anyhoo not much been goin on except making Shenmue dubs and finding new jobs and whatnot. Um.. also on WED we go to Busch Gardens, where there are rumored to be DDR machines. Uh i can’t get online with my pc cuz my isp is having problems. Hope it’ll be up and running soon. CYA


3 thoughts on “Twenty six dollars? AMAZING!!!

  1. Warning to “in the past Bucky”, Target opens at 8am. you should just go to Walmart. they have it for $30, although if you bring the Target ad, im sure they’ll give you it for 26, but ill bet youll forget.

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