R is for rednecks. O is for “Oh my gosh! That’s gotta hurt!” D is for “Dad-gum skeeters” E is for “Evil rodeo clowns” and O is for….”Oh well i already told you what O is for”. Yeah this weekend we (My mom, Becky, Steven, Jake and I) went to the rodeo at the fair. We lost steven after the rodeo, and jake had to call his cell phone. Ha Ha. loser. Anyway…the rodeo was cool, and it was funny…only one team roped a calf. So by default they won. LOL. yeah one guy got trampled by a steer while he was bull-doggin’ and the medics had to take him. The bronc Painted Sky was there, and he’s a gorgeous horse. Um…what else? Israel woulda liked the intermission show. There were two sheepdogs with Capuchin MONKEYS dressed in cowboy outfits on their backs. The dogs had to round up some sheep into a little pen, while the monkeys rode along. it was hilarious. sorry izz…no tilted hats. But i’m sure that if they were wearing hats, they would’ve been tilted by the end of the show. Not much else is goin on here. g2g


One thought on “R-O-D-E-O

  1. Have you noticed that when your alien is hungry he has a little people sign over his head? THATS SICK!

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