Sorry you weren’t here, Izz

Well, Israel, it’s too bad you weren’t at my house today. Our who-knows-how-long goal was accomplished today. Kimmy played DDR! Also, I convinced my mom to play, as well as STEVEN! (man that was funny), and I got Danny hooked on it like it’s heroin. I have ventured into Normal mode now, and I can freestyle like 2 or 3 songs. However, in Beginner, I can freestyle lots of songs and look really cool. Yeah that game is awesome. I’m gonna try to see if they have it at Time Out in Springfield mall. If they do, we can go down there and skool some newbies. Um, that’s about it for today. Israel: I’m glad you had a good time in Cookeville! Kimmy: Luv U!!!


One thought on “Sorry you weren’t here, Izz

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