Yeah, haven’t updated in a while. Not my fault. My ISP has had problems. Anyhoo, on the fourth, lotsa people came over and we had a big party. However, i was sick and i had to rest. So i missed most of it. But i still had time to play with some fireworks before we went to DC. Um…the other day, i got a nice paycheck, so i gave myself a present: A GBA! I couldn’t find one in glacier. Actually, i couldn’t find one at all until i went to Comp USA. It’s white, but it still looks cool and it IS cool! The game i got, of course, is THPS2. Um G2G. ISRAEL: HOPE YOU’RE HAVING FUN IN COOKEVILLE! HOPE MIR’S EVERYTHING YOU EXPECTED AND MORE!!!


2 thoughts on “GBA!

  1. The town is okay, the house is great, the weather is awesome, and Miranda’s even better 😉

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