“Bucky ‘knows’ “

Yeah, well today I went to church and stuff, and then my mom & dad and I went out to the Fire Academy to see a burn. When we got there, they were getting ready to start another revolution(which Jon was on). They had a while until it started, so Jon showed off some of the neat fire toys on the trucks and then we just hung out with the other firefighters for a while. Finally, the revolution started and Jon (along with his search & rescue team) found and pulled out the dummies. Yeah those dummies were pretty nasty and ash-covered. You could tell by their appearance that they had been “not rescued” before. Anyway, after that we hung out for a while again during some other revolutions. At the final revolution, Jon was the lead firefighter (with the hose nozzle). He was supposed to go in and extinguish the last blaze, but his air tank suddenly started leaking, so they had to pull him out. That was unfortunate. Well, besides that, the burn was pretty fun & exciting to watch. My mom didn’t think so, though. “That’s my kid in there!” HAHAHA!!! Anyway, in case you were wondering what the title is about, Bucky “knows” that Kimmy loves him.


5 thoughts on ““Bucky ‘knows’ “

  1. Neither will Safety Monkey. Or Smokey, or those “Be Cool About Fire Safety (Be Cool!)” people.

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