Uplate update

Yeah, it’s pretty late. Haven’t updated in awhile, so i decided to do so while i’m downloading MP3’s. On Wednesday, as you know, we went to KD. For the first part of the day, I hung out with Josh, Israel, and David. We discovered that a 1337 game called “Dance Dance Revolution” had been brought to the U.S. We spent a lot of time at the arcade. I played some wicked Crazy Taxi. Israel skooled some peeps at DDR. We took an occasional roller coaster ride and later we went to the water park with Kimmy and Jenn. Um…then my backpack, along with all my music and my CD player, got stolen by some frickin stupid pea-brained idiotic foolish selfish *lots of more vulgarity* goon. I’m still mad about that. Later that day, we went to Denny’s, and then I hung out with Kimmy and Jenn. We rode some rides and stuff, and then it was time to leave. That’s pretty much it for Wednesday. Maybe I’ll expand on it some other time.
Today (sort of), I started work at Food Lion. It was kinda boring. Paper-work and stuff. I go back tomorrow at 10 am. I’m tired.


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