I’m In Over My Head!

AAAHH! Today started out great, as I was happy to see Kimmy and all, but as the day progressed, I started to realize how much work I needed to complete for school. And, as I was leaving to go home, my history teacher handed us these packets to do. Great.
Well, the good news is that i did finish my HW, all except for the typing of all the stuff I need typed. That will be tackled this weekend. Some more bad news is that I finished my HW at about 8:30. Yeah, um…that’s late. I don’t understand why these teachers are all suddenly piling all this work on me during THE LAST WEEKS OF SCHOOL, when we should be concerned only about or exams! (despite the low quantity of them I have to take–just some electives, which, btw, I see no point in even having exams for)
Anyway, all is well right now, and I’m stayin up late and stuff, cuz it’s the only way I’ll have free time today.


One thought on “I’m In Over My Head!

  1. Teachers to Students : SCREW YOU
    Teachers today announced their new sensitivity training program to be put immediately into use at Woodbridge Senior High. It involves alot of torture, homework, and chinese thumb screws, but details are still ambiguous.

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